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Career Planning on Steroids. 


Build a career master plan using scientific research on achievement in less than 50 minutes

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Our Customers: Where they work and what they think

"When I got the product,  I was almost in tears.  If you are a graduate or have just entered into your graduate role but you don't want to be stuck in the corporate world for a very long time because you have bigger, more audacious goals, then this product is definitely for you."

"I absolutely loved completing the exercise, I thought that they were going to push people into going for pre-determined career paths, but this exercise is completely self-led. It is a worthwhile experience and it could bring a lot of peace into your life as I I know it has for me."

Olamide Duyile

Credit Risk Analyst at JP Morgan 

Zoe Pritchard 

Associate Consultant at Rizing HCM

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Watch Full Video

Illustrative Use Case: Alex Jordan

Alex graduated college 2 years ago, Alex is now working as a  public policy analyst. Despite being comfortable in her job, she felt that her career lacked a direction and was worried about how her future would turn out.  That's when Alex decided to design her career masterplan. 



Alex Jordan


Msc Economics, London School of Economics

Working Experiences

  • 2 years as a public policy analyst


  • Sipping wine with friends 

  • Cross-fit training

  • Graphic designing


  • Anxious of a lack of future direction in life

  • Feeling stuck in a career

  • Facing a stagnant learning curve at work 

  • Feeling burned out 

  • Staring down the clock at work every day, waiting for the day to end

  • Excitement from work is dying down 

Current Career

Public Policy Analyst

Target Career

To be defined. 


Don't drive a car without a direction, otherwise, you'll just be wasting fuel. Visualize what you want your target career to look like and strategize your path to achieving it. Look at concepts and case studies from around the world and make well-informed choices on whom you want to become. 

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Make intelligent and conscious choices on what high-level goals to pursuit to realize your vision. Identify strategic plays to attack your high-level goals. 

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Prioritize your efforts to develop knowledge and skills based on what you need most to realize your vision. Acknowledge changes that need to happen to your behaviors and address them.

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Implement and operationalize your strategy to get closer to your vision every day.

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