Drive your own future. 

Our Career Strategizer is 100% self-led.


We believe no one in this world is credible enough to tell you who you should become in life.  You are the sole driver of your future. 

We take you through a step-by-step guide in designing your career based on the latest scientific research on achievement, introduce you to cutting-edge concepts in career success, and provide you with examples from other people. 

The output of the Career Strategizer is as as good as you want it to be. 

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The Value You Will Get

We believe that no one in this world should be tell you what you can or cannot do. Unlike some career development alternatives in the market, we are not here to tell you what you should become based on your "strengths" and "weaknesses", instead, we will provide you with the right process, concepts and frameworks to lead you into a state of self-discovery

Our Career Strategizer Tool provides you with the following: 

  • A guided, step-by-step process in designing your career 

  • Frameworks to guide you through a state of self-discovery 

  • Prompting questions to help you generate ideas 

  • Career Design Examples from Consultants, Bankers, Entrepreneurs and more

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have just purchased the Career Strategizer, where can I find the link to the tool? 

A: A link to the Career Strategizer will be generated and sent to your inbox within 24 hours. 


Q: What will be included in the Personalized Report? 

A: The Personalized Report is just a documentation of your responses in the Career Strategizer. Choose this option if you want to have the exercise documented so you can always refer to it as you move ahead in your career. 

Q: Will you be giving us additional advise in the Personalized Report? 

A: No. The Personalized Report is just a documentation of the output from your Career Strategizer. Every component in the document is built solely by you. 

Q: If the entire exercise is completely done by myself, why do I need to spend money on the Career Strategizer?

A: You don't. You can do this all by yourself and not spend any money. The challenge for a lot of people is to research and figure out the entire process of career planning or career designing themselves which will take more time and effort. Purchasing the Career Strategizer will ensure that you can fully concentrate in designing your career, not figuring out the process of career design.