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We make your employees move faster

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Problems We Solve

Organizations are slow because people and processes are not optimized for speed


Slow to get things done

Your Organization Is...


Does not have clear goals

Your Organization...


Cannot achieve certain goals 

Your Organization...


We'll train your employees to move fast while achieving actual business outcomes 

5-Step Process to Accelerate Your Business


Select a Priority Business Outcome

Select 1 (one) business outcome your business needs to achieve

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Hand-Pick Your Employees

Assign 5 employees to the taskforce led by DreamGravity

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Define Success

Define metrics for success for the 1 (one) business outcome



Kick-Off the

Kick-Off the program

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Attend Weekly

Meet with us on a weekly basis to track progress

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Eric will work with you directly to speed up your organization while achieving real business outcomes

I'm an ex-Deloitte consultant with over 5+ years of working with Fortune500 companies and Government Agencies to help them deliver REAL business outcomes. 

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Hello, I'm Eric :)


Achieved Business Objective: 

  • Increase revenue contribution of High Socio-Economic Users (High SES users) by a certain percent

  • Reduce marketing cost/revenue in the Electronics Category

  • Upgrade return-service offering to allow users to easily return fashion items with "No Questions Asked"

Meralco Electric Company

  • Develop 20 critical organizational competencies (e.g., UX Designing) for employees in the organization and assess employees on each of the competencies on a quarterly basis to track development progress


Achieved Business Outcome

  • Increase the # of critical future roles in the organization without adding manpower cost

  • Reduce the # of people managers with zero to two direct reports

  • Create clear career pathways for each employee in the organization to reach leadership positions

University of the People

​Achieved Business Outcome: 

  • Get ~50,000 students to build a career plan with limited # of University career coaches

Singapore Government

Achieved Business Outcome

  • Reduce Singapore's over-dependency on food imports by identifying ways to produce food domestically using a Strategic Workforce Planning Model


Achieved Business Outcome

  • Get 100+ Telkomsel VPs around Indonesia to launch mini-innovative ventures for potential investment 

Let’s Work Together

Tel: +62 813 1100 1402

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