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Why career counseling can accelerate your career 10x faster

Updated: May 19, 2022

Fortune500 companies around the globe understand the importance of a strategy, they know that having a clear and robust strategy can set them apart from the competition and most importantly, set a direction for everyone in the organization. Working without a strategy is like driving without a direction, wasting costly fuel and energy without reaching any destination.

Yet when it comes to individuals, people tend to overlook personal strategy and the truth is, there is not enough help in the market right now. Advancing your career is more than just repolishing your CV. The closest thing to personal strategy building services there is right now in the market is, as you may have guessed, is career counseling.

However, career counseling services in the market today simply do not deliver. People get charged over a hundred dollars for one hour of question and answer, filling assessments, and handing you the information you can easily find on the internet.

Most people don't have a personal strategy

Let's imagine the average Joe, and call him Cliff.

Cliff wants to become a theoretical physicist. He graduated from college, needed money, and got a job at the first company that accepted him. He performed quite well in the organization and received multiple promotions.

Little did he know, 20 years has passed and he is still working in the same company.

What would Cliff's life look like if he had a personal strategy?

Career counseling needs much more attention from the globe, career counseling is crucial to people's lives and it needs to be dramatically reinvented. It is crucial for everyone to take a step back from their daily life and ask the most strategic questions:

1. What do I want to become in 10 years' time? Who will I be? What will my day in the life look like?

2. How do I make that vision of myself a reality?

3. If I were to be doing this every day, will I achieve my career aspirations?

Now let's imagine if Cliff had a time machine and he can turn back time. What would he have done differently?

See the difference?

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