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Now What? How Career Counselling Can Put Your Life on the Right Track

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

So you've graduated. Congratulations!

Now what?

What a silly question. Get solid work, of course. Something like the head of marketing, sales manager, world-class yoga instructor, jet fighter pilot, or maybe a president director of your own company. Build a steady and strong career, then retired rich and travel the world - or do whatever you want to do after you're successful. This is the beginning of an exciting chapter of your life when you transition from the youth to the adult world.

Boy if everything is ever that smooth and easy. The reality is, finding the ideal profession for yourself is not as easy as it sounds. Studies revealed that only 27 percent of college graduates work in a field related to their major. And among those who are lucky to have careers, 71 percent are so unhappy with their recent jobs that they are looking for changes.

The statistics might turn out differently if only more of us realize the importance of career counselling in helping us to set aims in life and devise a master plan to meet them.

What is Meant by Career Counselling?

You've packed your bags and put them safely in the trunk. You adjust your seat, fasten the seatbelt, and turn on the car. The gas is full and the radio is playing the perfect road song. With a big smile on your face, you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Then suddenly, you realize something. You don't know where you want to go. But since everything is ready, you might as well begin the journey and see where it will take you.

If you get lucky, you'll arrive somewhere nice. But 99 out of 100 chance (or worse), you'll get stranded in the middle of nowhere and run out of gas. You'll stuck.

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The Staggering Statistics

Stupid, you say? Definitely. But that's what most of us do with our lives. And there are statistics to back it up.

(Un)surprisingly, only 3 percent of the population assigns a clear goal in their life. It means that the rest is just navigating the days aimlessly. Scary! And according to research by the University of Scranton, a staggering 92 percent of the goals are never achieved.

Going back to the road trip story above, the best action to take should be to stop the car engine, explore the map, and plan the journey.

Career counselling and a career counsellor or coach can help you decide on the destination you want to reach and the road you need to take to get there.

Why is Career Counselling Important?

Career counseling is a service provided by career counselors to help individuals manage their journey through life, learning, and work changes[1]. It involves providing advice, guidance, and support to clients in various aspects of their career development, including career exploration, making career choices, managing career changes, and lifelong career development.

From the definition, we can see that career counselling and coaching aims to help you, the client, pick one of the best colleges and recommend the field of study and programs that matches your personality, strengths, and job expectations. One should be free to choose the career and industries based on the assessment of his/her "self-discovery", and not have someone else choose it for him/her.

With the help of a career coach, you can choose the right paths and perform your best. The best approach to success is planning well ahead.

Are Career Counselors Worth It?

Yes, you can do this self-discovery process yourself. While experience might be the best teacher, it would be much easier and considerably faster (hours not years) with the help of professionals. They can help list down specific actions for you depending on your personalities and situations to improve your chances. Because there's no such thing as one template to fit all.

Career counsellors or career coaches can help you establish a fulfilling career path using individualized assessments of your individual sets of skills and interests. You will be able to clarify the options and possibilities and articulate meaningful objectives that you want to realize.

You can also get access to all the resources and action plans on what you need to do to achieve the ultimate objectives. With this, you will be able to stay focus and make strategic, career-related decisions effectively and prepare for the potential issues along the way.

You will feel more confident in making your career choice(s) and clear about the practical steps to take to hit the target.

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The Doubts and Reservation

But even after knowing all the benefits, many people are still unsure about the program.

The most common concerns are, "What's the cost? How much is a career counselor fee? Is the result worth it?"

They are thinking, "Can I afford career counselling?"

But those are the wrong questions to ask. Instead, you should ask, "Can I afford NOT to do a career counselling?"

Imagine the time, money, and energy that you will waste trying to find your perfect career.

And even if you eventually find that perfect employment, the one that you actually love doing and paid well, imagine the potential income that you lost during the years of searching. You can accomplish so much more if you just start earlier in life.

Looking at the values you get, it's an easy decision. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is your future we're talking about. You don't want to waste your whole life feeling confused, not knowing what to do or where to go. Don't make important choices according to the trends or what others tell you to do. Family members are usually the culprit here. Getting expert help is the first thing you should do after you graduate (or even way before that).

A school certificate, diploma, and degree alone are not enough to get you to the next level. There are thousands of other factors. Let the team of trained experts and established practitioners with solid experiences assist you. Then you can free yourself from all the wondering and worries.

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What Can You Get From Career Counselling?

There are several available assistance that career counselling can provide.

The main role is to help students choose the right education, determine the best career to pursue, and develop strategies to manage career challenges while maintaining personal wellbeing.

But it doesn't stop there. There are also career and academic advising on resume writing, application writing, and interview skills that will be very useful in the early stages of job hunting.

This assistance can also help current employees to formulate, choose, and switch to a better career so they can give their best performance.

Some career counselling firms also offer corporate training and outplacement. These might include professional development workshops and career transition supports for other organizational needs.

Career Counselling Near Me

There are many local career advisors around your area. But during this pandemic situation, you should care for your health and it's not likely that you can physically visit their offices.

The more reasonable option is to use an online career counselor. The benefit is that you can make an appointment and schedule it via phone or secured video conferencing from the comfort of your home. To cater to the international market, they usually use English as the main language.

One example of such service is our own DreamGravity's self-led career planning. We have helped and given guidance to hundreds of individuals from around the world, including Québec, Alberta, Edmonton, Atherton, Toronto, and Ontario, Canada.

Starting with just US$9.99 one-time investment, we might also be one of the most affordable career counselling services compared to the others who charge an average hourly rate of US$ 200 for their mentoring sessions. After you're registered, you can book your appointments.

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What are the advantages of career counseling?

The advantages of career counseling include expert guidance and support in navigating job changes or re-evaluating professional goals. A career counselor can help identify and assess new career options, set goals, and provide invaluable insights and strategies for success in new industries. Their expertise can make the transition smoother and more fulfilling.

What are the 5 points for career guidance?

The 5 key components of effective career guidance include Psychometric Tests, Personalized Counselling, Technology-based Research tools, Alumni Guidance, and University Engagement. These facets provide comprehensive support and help individuals make informed decisions about their careers.

What are 3 benefits of seeking professional assistance with career concerns with a career counselor?

Seeking professional assistance with career concerns from a career counselor offers numerous benefits. Firstly, you can gain clarity about the importance of career development and future planning. Additionally, a career counselor helps you identify the ideal career path based on your personality, skills, and lifestyle goals. Lastly, they can guide you if you're considering switching to a different career that aligns better with your needs and desires. Overall, consulting a career counselor can provide invaluable support and guidance for your career journey.

Now What?

Can you picture yourself 10 years from now? Where will you be if you have to figure everything out by yourself? Which direction should you take, and what field should you choose, Do you have the confidence that your journey will bring you to the place that you want to be?

Imagine a similar situation where you are not required to learn and sort everything out yourself, where you are not stuck for years. Can you see the difference?

We, at DreamGravity, can help you get there, or even further, via the faster and smoother lane. The key is applying the roadmap.

Check our website and Contact us now to get more information. You can also reach us by email:

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