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Pause. Design Your Future.

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What People Say 

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Associate Consultant at Rizing HCM, ex- PWC Consultant

"I absolutely loved completing the exercise, I thought that they were going to push people into going for pre-determined career paths, but this exercise is completely self-led. It is a worthwhile experience and it could bring a lot of peace into your life as I know it has for me."

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Ex-Analyst at Goldman Sachs Asset Management

"I found the Career Strategizer to be interesting and insightful! It'll be very useful for students, graduates, and professionals to have some guidance on areas to focus and think about." 

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Credit Risk Analyst at JP Morgan 

"When I got the product,  I was almost in tears.  If you are a graduate or have just entered into your graduate role but you don't want to be stuck in the corporate world for a very long time because you have bigger, more audacious goals, then this product is definitely for you."

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Growth at Stealth Restaurant Tech-Startup, Ex-Investment Banker

"For a career nerd like me, I really enjoyed the volume of content in the tool!"

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