Educational Institutions

We partner with Educational Institutions to take career counseling functions to the next level. 

Accelerate Student Engagement

Our refreshed approach to career counseling is rooted on the latest science on achievement, we deploy innovation and design thinking to craft career strategies and roadmaps that truly excite people, and your students can now enjoy them too. 

Strengthen Career Counseling Function 

Our consultants help clients design their career counseling function and program to enable long-term student career success, optimize costs and drive student engagement. 

Accelerate Talent Development

Talent has always been a key competitive advantage for any organization and even more so now with the waves of technological disruptions in the Education Industry. Understanding the dire need to develop talent will be a priceless competitive advantage.  

The DreamGravity Student Experience


You will receive an on-boarding e-mail from DreamGravity sent via your school/university. 


Once you have a clear visualization of your future career, we will help you curate a high-level, executable plan for you to review. 


Using the same survey, we will gain a solid understanding of your working preferences, tenacity for work and execution behavior to design an implementation plan that is uniquely crafted for you and you only. 


Use your Hyper-Growth Career Strategy to begin building your dream career. Your DreamArchitects will be with you along the journey and will also be available to answer any of your questions and provide the support you need. 


We will deploy our proprietary survey to quickly gain insights on your aspirations, drivers, and wildest imaginations. Leveraging both data-driven insights from your responses and human-centred observations from our DreamArchitects to visualize what your future will look like in 10 years time. 


Our DreamArchitects will synthesize what we learned from you and their experiences to develop a Hyper-Growth Career Strategy document personalized just for you.  

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Increased Student Engagements

Your students will enjoy a hyper-personalized career development solution that allows them to gain clarity on their future career but also specific tasks to bring that vision into reality. 

Powerful Student Insights

The nature of our high-touch customer service ensures that we collect large and valuable information on your students , coupled with our capability in performing rigorous analysis, you will be able to uncover powerful insights on your students. 


Budget Allocation

As we work with your students everyday, we will truly understand what they value and their pain points. Putting the student at the center will make sure you spend your budget on what your students value the most. 

Future Proofing Your University

Customer-centricity is getting more and more relevant in the workforce, placing your students a the heart of your solution ensures that your university will be better prepared for the future.