Dream Diagnostic

Dream Diagnostic by DreamGravity is a state of the art report that is intricately designed to provide you deep insight on what you want to be, not what you need to be as a career. 

We deploy our DreamDiagnostic Survey to quickly gain insights on your ambitions in life and crunch the information both quantitatively and qualitatively. 

DreamArchitect, who will be preparing your report, are actual people who can leverage human-centered observation in a way that a machine and analytics simply cannot. This ensures that your DreamDiagnostic is designed from one human to another. 

We guarantee that you will never feel lost in your career ever again. 

Identify role models in your life and discover what it means for you. 

Be clear on which industries/fields/functions interest you the most and double down on them. 

Visualize what your life will look like in 10 years time.